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A Thank You from Sam

With the end of the academic year coming up, I want to take a minute to appreciate all of the hard work that The Tower staff put in to this year. From our fantastic Editors in Chief and designers to our copy editors and publicists, every single member of the team worked extremely hard to help put this year’s issue together. We as a team never had a break, so to carry on every assignment on top of our own school work without fail was incredible.

AWP Recap

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, it’s one of the largest gatherings of the literary community in the country. Writers, editors, publishers, teachers, and presses flock from all over each year to attend different panels and browse the AWP Bookfair.

Launch Party Press Release

The launch party for The Tower and the ArtWords contest this year is guaranteed to be fantastic!

We will be holding it at the Weisman Art Museum on April 24 starting at 6:00 p.m. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our undergraduate creative community at the University of Minnesota. This event regularly draws around four hundred students, staff, community members, and art lovers of all ages! It is free and open to the public. 

Our Favorite Tower Works From 2018

After working diligently for two semesters, through sweat and tears, laughter and adventures, we are delighted to bring you guys the 2019 edition of The Tower. While we know the anticipation for our event will be immense—absolutely crazy—next week will be here before we know it. It’s time to get excited! And what better way to get excited for the magazine than to revisit some of the amazing work that has been featured in our past issues? Here are some highlights from the 2018 issue:

Queer Fiction Recommendations from The Tower

If, like me, you’re tired of combing the bookstore shelves for the three queer books they have, tired of searching “Must Read Queer Books” list after “Must Read Queer Books” list, and yet are still searching for just one more queer book to read, then here’s just one more list from your friendly neighborhood The Tower lesbian staff member. However, as I can be quite wordy, instead of giving you another “Top Ten” list, I chose to pick four favorites and defend to the death why you should read them.


Interviews with ArtWords Winners

Every year, The Tower partners with the Weisman Art Museum for ArtWords, a writing contest inspired by art on permanent display in the museum. For this week’s blog post, we interviewed three of our four undergraduate winners—Ciara Cagemoe, Gabriella Granada, and Cheryl Willis.

First prize in the undergraduate category went to Ciara Cagemoe for “Corners and Points: The point is that this is not a loveless town. The corner is, the love is hard to digest, like gallstones,” a piece inspired by Lyonel Feininger’s “Drobsdorf 1.”

Second Writing Workshop Winner - Tara Gravelle

The second winner of our Weekly Writing Workshops is Tara Gravelle, who wrote in response to this prompt: "You are secretly the richest person in the world. To avoid suspicion, you decide to work a normal office job. One day, your boss fires you. What he didn't realize . . . was how incredibly petty you are, and the lengths you will go to get back at him." NOTE: The goal of these first few workshops is just to get creativity flowing and have fun! The fiction story below is what was completed after an hour with us!


First Writing Workshop Winner - Sarah Hoff

Our first winner of our Weekly Writing Workshops is Sarah Hoff, who wrote in response to this prompt: "You have been evicted and now live in IKEA. Describe a day in your life." NOTE: The goal of these first few workshops is just to get creativity flowing and have fun! The fiction story below is what was completed after an hour with us!


Day One:

ArtWords 2019 winners!

Announcement! We'd like to present the winners of our 2019 ArtWords contest. (Words listed first, then art.)


Meet the ArtWords Judges

Hey, artists and writers, we’re the 2019 ArtWords Judges! We’re part of a panel that will decide the winners of this year’s ArtWords contest—an annual writing competition for students at the University of Minnesota. To enter, select a work of art on view in the Weisman Art Museum’s permanent collection and write a short creative piece—prose or poetry—inspired by it. Participants can win up to $75 to spend in the WAM gift shop and undergraduate winners will be published in the 2019 edition of The Tower. We are so excited to see what you come up with!